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Dear Parents and Students,

On behalf of the North Star Academy family, it is my pleasure to extend a warm welcome as we begin the 2013-2014 school year. We are anticipating an exciting and productive year as we implement proven educational strategies that will assist in the academic success of all students.

To those who are new to North Star Academy, we hope that you will quickly feel at home and become involved in the activities of our school through the PTO and your child’s classroom.

Working as a team we will move forward in our mission to create an engaging, individualized, disciplined, and challenging environment in which all students can learn at optimum levels and become responsible members of society. We look forward to a wonderful year of discovery, creativity and enrichment.

We sincerely hope that the years you spend here with us are happy and productive. All students, staff, and parents are partners working together in our school to create our NSA family atmosphere.

Students, above all else, remember – Your imagination is the pathway to your potential. You can achieve everything your imagination can conceive if you are willing to make the effort to follow your dreams. We have fine teachers who will guide you on your path.

I look forward to wonderful educational adventure this year!

Mrs. Charné Adams

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