NSA Charter





North Star Academy Charter Application - 2005

North Star Academy Charter Amendment - 2008

North Star Academy (NSA) is requesting an enrollment increase of 36 students.  NSA currently serves 500 students K-9.  Their grade configuration will remain the same with 36 students being added to the Jr. High (7-9).  This addition in enrollment (approximately 12 students per grade, 7-9) will allow for more flexibility in offering specialty classes, such as Algebra II (with a very small enrollment) or band (with a large enrollment) while still maintaining on average a 1:25 teacher to student ratio in core curriculum classes.  This will bring NSA’s total enrollment to 536 students.   NSA is currently constructing an expansion of the school building; this addition will comfortably allow for the requested additional students.


In anticipation future needs of NSA families and the surrounding community, NSA recognizes the value of an opportunity for students to transition to a charter school at the beginning of their Jr. High school years, a time when students will already be making a transition.  NSA also recognizes the value of keeping families intact in one school where possible.  The number of students in the Sibling Priority Pool in many grades remains very high while student turnover remains low.  We see the Jr. High years as an opportunity to allow these and other students in the community the opportunity to attend NSA while increasing the Jr. High course offerings and keeping the goals and purposes of North Star Academy intact.

North Star Academy Bylaws

North Star Academy Articles of Incorporation