School Land Trust





The School LAND Trust Program has a unique funding formula for distribution. By state statute, 90% is allocated on a per-pupil basis statewide, and the remaining 10% is divided equally among all districts, with charter schools treated collectively as one district. The funds flow through the school districts, but districts do not withhold any funds. The entire district amount is sent to schools on a district per-pupil basis.


Councils are responsible for many plans. Depending upon the grade levels of the school, plans may include the School Improvement Plan (all), Professional Development Plan (all), Reading Achievement Plan (elementary), and Child Access Routing Plan (elementary and junior high) in addition to the School LAND Trust plan (all).


Our Board of Trustees serves as the Council.  Their contact information is available here. Their meetings follow the Open and Public Meeting Law.


North Star Academy's School Land Trust program plans are available here.


For more information about the School Land Trust program visit their website: