Schoolwide Enrichment Model





The Schoolwide Enrichment Model (SEM) assists us in designing a program to help fulfill our vision of creating a safe, challenging, and individualized learning environment.


SEM was developed by Dr. Joseph Renzulli of the NEAG Center for the Gifted and Talented. Through his studies of the challenging, creative lessons developed for gifted students, Dr. Renzulli became convinced that the same curriculum could benefit all students. Over 30 years of research led to the development of this model to improve instruction for an entire school.


SEM applies the theory that “a rising tide lifts all ships” by integrating high-end learning into the total school program. SEM consists of three interacting components.

Through extensive research and working with children, Dr. Renzulli found that all children benefit from hands-on, student-driven, and interest-based activities. These types of activities assist each child in developing critical thinking skills and the ability to work cooperatively while increasing the child’s positive self-concept. To help illustrate the different types and levels of enrichment activities Dr. Renzulli has incorporated the Enrichment Triad Model into the SEM (see figure below).


Each type is designed to build upon prior knowledge and student interest. To learn more about the School Wide Enrichment Model and the Enrichment Triad Model visit the Website at:

To view an example of a Type III activity, and to learn more about the SEM, please visit the student created SEM information website here: